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    Using referral link with DigitalOcean logo

    At the bottom of the referrals page in my settings is the text "Please note: Bidding on branded keywords which include 'digitalocean' and/or 'digital ocean' for ads is prohibited". It's not fully clear to me what that...
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    POST forms return certificate error with Let's Encrypt

    I've recently set up an SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt on my Droplet. It's for three domains in total (two www domains and a subdomain for one of them, files). I'm using PHP7 and Apache 2.4.17 from a PPA, and I've...
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    HTTTP/2, DigitalOcean and Apache

    I'm sorry if this is a bit of a noobish question, but I want to know if DigitalOcean supports HTTP/2. It it does, do I need to take any steps (other than enabling TLS with Let's Encrypt) to enable it? Thanks in advance!
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