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    Configure Alerts through API

    Hi all, Monitoring became available 9 months ago in April 2017, but as of yet we still cannot setup alerts through the API. This is annoying since I configure my whole DO setup using terraform, yet i have to manually ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Just a quick update here. DigitalOcean now has a Monitoring API endpoint that you could use. For more information you can take a look at the official API documentation here:
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    ICMP outbound rule port range for use with API?

    I am looking to configure a DO cloud firewall through the API/Terraform provider. The default firewall on DO is SSH inbound and all TCP,UDP and ICMP outbound. When trying to configure this exact firewall setup through...
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    Best practices for hardening new sever in 2017

    When setting up droplets on Digital Ocean it is encouraged to setup some basic security and monitoring. I have read around quite a lot recently on best practices for hardening a new Ubuntu server. Below are the steps ...
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    Default ufw rules

    Having just spun up the docker on 16:04 image. There is a notification upon login suggesting we enable the ufw firewall rules. The default rules are set as [ 1] 22 LIMIT IN Anywhere ...
    Accepted Answer: @ed11s8c Docker uses ports 2375 and 2376 (TLS/SSL), so if you've deployed a one-click image with Docker, then DigitalOcean went ahead and setup the firewall rules for you as a part of the setup.
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    Does digitalocean monitoring require any ports to be open?

    I am looking at looking down my ufw firewall, and was wondering how the new monitoring gets its information? Does it require any ports to be able to poll the statistics of the vps?
    Accepted Answer: Hi @ed11s8c No, the do-agent only pushes data. Port 80 is used for metadata and port 443 is used to send the data to the statistical collector. As long as you don't block those two outgoing ports, then it's not an is...
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