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    CPU usage problem by MySQL In a WordPress site

    I have a wordpress site on digital ocean with following configuration ubuntu 18 OS, php7.2-fpm, mariadb, wordpress they are hosted on a 80$ droplet, A 4 core dedicated cpu droplet still my site goes DOWN, on checking ...
    Accepted Answer: Guessing you're using the default Wordpress Droplet "out of the box"? If so, you likely need to do some tuning as I recall it is not configured to run production. Really truly need more information about what plugins...
    3 By theyouth2u MySQL Ubuntu 18.04 WordPress
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    Inbound Data Transfer Into Droplet

    i need to move my project from AWS to Digital ocean which about 6-7 GB of data and i have already made a droplet on DO with ubuntu installed in it, now the thing is i have fired "wget" command to transfer a zip file c...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, According to the documentation, the Inbound bandwidth to Droplets is always free: Regarding the download speed, I've just tested it on my d...
    1 By theyouth2u DigitalOcean Accounts