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    Digitalocean and Docker workflow - how to make the most of it?

    Hello, I am making an eCommerce solution utilising django and docker. I want to know the best routes to best utilise docker with digitalocean and how to avoid all draw backs. I want to make a complete workflow based o...
    1 By throwaway Docker Django Python Kubernetes CI/CD API Ansible Chef Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu
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    Is Digitalocean a good platform to start deploying a VOIP service?

    I would like to make a conference focused VOIP service that can be utilised similar to IRC where the clients are native android and iOS apps. People, like with IRC, would be able to connect even with minimum registrat...
    2 By throwaway DigitalOcean
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    How would you automate the creation and destruction of droplets?

    Connected to this question: How would you automate the create and destruction of droplets? Every time one is c...
    3 By throwaway DigitalOcean Clustering API
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    Can you make an erlang cluster with digitalocean droplets?

    Can you make an erlang cluster with digitalocean droplets?
    2 By throwaway Clustering Applications Conceptual DigitalOcean