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    Making sure droplets are on different physical servers or server racks

    I would like to use multiple droplets that will host the same service to achieve high availability. If one droplet fails, another will take over. I still want to have a fast, low-latency connection between the droplet...
    Accepted Answer: You will have hard time with this. You will need to contact support so they can assist you with request. Maybe they can create Droplets for on you on different machines/racks in datacenter. One thing I found "funny" i...
    2 By tillulen High Availability
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    Transfer billing

    Are the network transfer limits per-droplet? Or does DigitalOcean combine them all into a single bandwidth pool like Linode does? Suppose I create two droplets at midnight on July 1. Each comes with 2 TB worth of mont...
    Accepted Answer: As far as I know they don't combine them in single bandwidth pool. But you can verify with support team, or wait for MOD answer. Also, DigitalOcean for now doesn't have utilities for measuring/monitoring bandwidth. Yo...
    1 By tillulen Billing