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    Restarted Droplet & now WordPress site not working 100% ?

    Hi, I recently shutdown my droplet to take a snapshot and after I booted it back up some functions on my site aren't working. Running latest single site wordpress install with woocommerce. Here are the 2 things I have...
    1 By tmacka WordPress PHP LEMP MySQL Nginx Debian
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    Access website only through ip with nginx

    Hey, I just came accross an issue. Doesn’t matter if its a local setup or one with a domain name. When you create a symbolic…
    By tmacka
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    Trouble with MX Records. Using a external email hosting.

    Hi, So am trying to setup email's for my Droplet via my other shared hosting service. I am also using Cloudflare CDN. In Cloudflare DNS I have: A: points to 123.456.789.11 (droplet IP) A: mail points ...
    2 By tmacka DNS Email DigitalOcean Debian