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    Adding Cloudflare IP ranges to Cloud Firewall

    Hi, I tried to add Cloudflare’s IPs to my Cloudflare rule, but some ips are allowed but some other are not. Any idea why this could be happened? Imgur
    Accepted Answer: Hi @tmb13 I've just tried to add every CloudFlare IP to the DO Firewall - and it works, but you have to wait about 1 second before hitting Enter-key otherwise it sometimes adds All IPv4. But looking at the picture, i...
    1 By tmb13 Firewall Ubuntu 16.04
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    Has anyone tried GoPanel app (Mac based web server management tool ) to manage DO Droplet?

    Has anyone tried ? It's a GUI based tool to manage web servers and installing stuffs quickly. I have tried the Lite version and think it indeed does the job and seems a good companion for DO. I'd li...
    3 By tmb13 Applications Ubuntu