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    Dockerfile in a Django app on App Platform

    I have a Django app that uses Docker and Docker Compose locally. I am trying to deploy to Digital Ocean App Platform. When I setup the app the app spec automatically detects my Dockerfile. However, I get an error duri...
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    Ubuntu Wordpress Hacked - Post Mortem

    Thanks for the response - I opted not to try to scan and remove the files. I can see the date these files were created, so the quic…
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    Ubuntu Wordpress Hacked - Post Mortem

    Hi there I got a notification from DO that my server might be hacked. It was a Wordpress install, and I found some extremely suspect files. I have rebuilt from scratch and sanitized all theme files and uploads. Now I'...
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    Sendmail for contact form

    Hi there I followed the initial setup for Digital Ocean droplets (Ubuntu 13.04) and configuring an Nginx/PHP server - so far so good. However, simple PHP contact forms can't send mail. I've read about Sendmail, Postfi...
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