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    When I provision a new block storage, how can I get it to work with docker

    When I provision a block storage and attach it to a droplet, how could I configure it so I could use it as a volume for a docker container?
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    Unable to install WordPress plugins

    I followed this example to set up my wordpress instance. I am unable to install/ update plugins through the WordPres...
    2 By tridnguyen WordPress DigitalOcean Articles PHP Nginx Ubuntu
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    Unable to start nginx - failed to read pid from file /run/

    Hi, I just created a brand new fedora box. I then install nginx by running yum install nginx. I tried to start nginx with the following commands: $ systemctl enable nginx $ systemctl restart nginx However, I got the...
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    nginx conf for dokku was overwritten

    In the process of installing dokku plugins (dokku plugins-install), I accidentally overwrite the nginx.conf file. As a result, all of my apps are returning a 502 Bad Gateway error. Is there a way for me to fix this/ ...
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