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    When will I be billed for my usage/ Snapshot question

    I created an droplet for about an hour, then I decided that I was done with it. So I deleted it but when I look at my billing, I wasn't billed anything (my credit is still the same) When will I be billed. Once a month...
    1 By TVH7
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    One droplet for each Wordpress site (domain)?

    Yes you can, if you are using apache for the webserver you can add an virtualhost for each domain. Then point your nameservers for …
    By TVH7
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    error on adding sub domain

    It can take up to 24 hours before all dns nameservers have refreshed. It might be handy to setup your TTL a little lower. You also …
    By TVH7
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    MySQL Workbench Connection

    Have you checked your bind setting in the my.cnf, it should be binded to the outbound IP address of your droplet.
    By TVH7