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    Is it possible to regenerate the assigned URL on App platform?

    I have an app which I want to rename however I notice that the auto generated URL is still prefixed with the old name. Is it possible to change this bu regenerating the URL to match the updated name?
    Accepted Answer: There's currently no way to regenerate the URL for your application. But you can always create a new application and deploy the same repositories to that app. That new app will have a URL generated based on the name o...
    1 By unrulyfeather DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Is there a way to rollback a recent deployment to a previous successful deployment on app platform

    This is a feature I used on Heroku & CapRover whereby in the event a deployment introduces an unexpected bug, we can immediately rollback the deployment to a previous bug-free version while a hotfix is being actioned ...
    2 By unrulyfeather DigitalOcean App Platform