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    Specify API Key for a specific Space

    I have multiple spaces for different projects and I want to create different Key&Secret. I can create multiple Keys but I can connect both spaces using both key and secrets. Is it possible to specify a key and secret ...
    3 By user000001 DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to take snapshot of Spaces?

    How to take snapshot of Spaces? There are options for Droplets and Volumes but I didn't find any snapshot buttons for Spaces in Control Panel. If I am not able to do it via control panel, Can I take snapshot via API. ...
    1 By user000001 DigitalOcean
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    Does Digitalocean offers any service to do daily backup for Docker Volumes?

    Does Digitalocean offers any service to do daily backup for Docker Volumes. If not, do you have any alternative solutions. Thanks
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! Great question. Technically our backups can take backups of your docker volumes, if they are stored on the droplet's primary storage. Those, however, run weekly and not daily. The daily requirement alone m...
    2 By user000001 Docker Backups Ubuntu
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    Automate and schedule MySQL database dumps from a docker container.

    What are the best practices of getting a daily backup of mysql database from a docker container and is it possible to send them to DigitalOcean Spaces. Is DigitalOcean Spaces secure enough to store backups? Thanks
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