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    Prevent Nginx from logging random IPs

    I installed Nginx on Ubuntu and I only have 2 html files. When I check Nginx logs there are tons of random IP addresses sending GET and POST requests. I get IPs with no information just "batman" and random websites. H...
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    How do I make sub.domain.tld be domain.tld:port?

    I installed Droppy ( on an Ubuntu 19.04 droplet and it runs on port 8989 when I run "droppy -d start". I want to access Droppy with instead of I ...
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    How do I use socks5 proxy without having PuTTY open?

    I set up a socks5 proxy using this tutorial: I connect to the proxy by entering "localhost" and th...
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    How to access minecraft server only on a specific port?

    I've changed the minecraft server's port to a different one and created an SRV and A record for it, but the minecraft server still works when I go to "" and I only want it to work when I go on "
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    Nginx reverse proxy breaks my website

    I created a subdomain and changed its nginx config file to: ``` server { listen 80; server_name; location / { proxy_pass; } } ``` Everything works fine, the page loads ...
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    My droplet IP is getting blocked for being "unknown"

    I set up Droppy on an Ubuntu 19.10 server to store and access files through an interface. It loads the website when I go on port 8989 (123.123.123:8989), however it gets blocked by Lightspeed Systems only at my school...
    Accepted Answer: @usernameunlocked I would bet your first intuition around needing a domain name is correct. I'd recommend: Buy a domain name (NameCheap has a bunch of the new extensions for as cheap as $2.88/yr) Point it to DO namese...
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    Did I miss out the free $100 credit reward?

    I created an account today and already created my $10 droplet. I was searching around and found out that new accounts get a $100 credit if they used someone's referral code? Am I still able to get this offer with a 1 ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, Please you create your account by clicking a URL with ref code.If you didn't create your account by the page you touch the ref URL,you wouldn't get $100 credit.And,the trial balance is just available for 2 mont...
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