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    Get an Authorative namservers for linking my droplet to .IT domain

    Hi, I am trying to link my application to a domain I did buy on GoDDaddy. I initially followed this
    1 By Vana DigitalOcean Droplets
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    How upload images or pdf file in my droplet storage?

    I have a React app + express hosted in a Droplet. I want to allow my users to upload some pictures, save this pictures in my droplet and get a sort of reference to be able to show this picture where I want. For exampl...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Great question. I found a tutorial that may be helpful: For your purposes, it may help matters to consider this not specific to DigitalOcea...
    1 By Vana DigitalOcean Development Ubuntu 16.04
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    ssh root@server Permission denied (publickey).

    Be sure to give the http link and not the ssh link. I solved the permission key issue with that
    By Vana