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    Fsockopen UDP connection problem

    @jtittle For some reason I couldn’t reply to your last comment. I got your point now, will test with the code you specified al…
    By Vanker
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    Fsockopen UDP connection problem

    I am currently developing an APP that makes A UDP connection to another host to send commands (old quake3 engine game server) so you can moderate your gameserver without having to boot the game up on your pc. I'm usin...
    7 By Vanker Networking PHP Apache Firewall Security Ubuntu 16.04
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    Outgoing UDP connection not working

    I have a small app that uses UDP to make a connection to another host and it simply doesn't return anything. Locally the app works just fine, when deployed to a VPS though... I've tried to disable the entire firewall ...
    2 By Vanker LEMP Nginx Networking PHP Firewall Ubuntu 16.04
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    Change default web root for nginx on one-click install lemp 14.04 All of these steps were taken, no effect at all. accessing the droplet via http all it does is show the ...
    Accepted Answer: @Vanker The way the repository packages are setup, files in: /etc/nginx/sites-available are symlinked to: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled i.e /etc/nginx/sites-available/default => /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default The ...
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