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    Create Droplet via API then get public IP address and store as a variable

    Hi trying to create a bash script that creates a droplet, then once created gets the IP address of that droplet and store it as a variable to I used that IP address throughout the remaining bash script. Any pointers ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, You could do something like this: First get create the new Droplet: ```bash !/bin/bash Here make sure to update your Token and the other Droplet details like the region, your SSH key and etc. newdroplet=$(curl ...
    1 By VicJones DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl)
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    Can I use the API to create a snapshot of a droplet then add that snapshot to another region ?

    Hey All, I want to create a script that will create a snapshot of a droplet, then add that snapshot to another region for redundancy. Is is possible to do this through the DO API? Thanks
    Accepted Answer: Yes. The DigitalOcean API supports both taking a snapshot ( of a Droplet and transferring a copy (
    1 By VicJones API