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    My MongoDB has been extorted by a kraken ransomware virus

    I had the same problem because I deployed alpha edition and didn’t care security. I thought no body would know my server but some g…
    By viettran
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    Where is the problem with writing speed on MongoDB on Droplet. ( only 12 document per second )

    I use 2 approaches to connect to MongoDB server on Droplet from my computer. ( via SSH tunneling and vie URL). I check and see CPU ( of the Droplet ) utilizes only 6%, Top Disk IO is 0.3M/s. I achieved very low writin...
    1 By viettran MongoDB DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    Connecting to Mongodb on Droplet from app running on AWS instance?

    SSH tunneling is great way to connect to MongoDB running on Droplet from local machine and work on local machine but I don't know how to connect to MongoDB Droplet from AWS or from anywhere app.
    Accepted Answer: @viettran Connecting over an SSH Tunnel is probably the most secure means of connecting, though you also have the option of opening remote connections to the MongoDB instance. In /etc/mongod.conf there's a directive ...
    2 By viettran MongoDB Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to set up Mongodb Server and connect to it programmatically with Spring from local machine?

    I want to create a MongoDB server and connect it from local machine using Spring Data MongoDB. I'm able to connect to MongoDB using ssh via Mac CLI but don't know how to create URI to connect to it. In another words, ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @devbc7ce689810e2095410142c I would recommend that you keep MongoDB on your droplet contained, so it only listens on localhost of the droplet - and not exposing it to the internet. Then you can create a SSH tunnel...
    1 By viettran MongoDB Development Ubuntu