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    How to display BLOB type of image in webpage in php

    I want to ask about how to display blob type image in the php webpage. I tried too many ways , but It's still seem like no way out. --Here is the code that I storage the image type: $URL = $_POST['link']; $t...
    1 By vin2164382 PHP
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    how to setup 2 vps work with 1 database with firewall and iptables turn off

    Hi, I want to ask that I have 2 vps, 1 vps running game server including database with firewall turned off and iptables, and 1 vps for running php website, I have to turn off the firewall and iptables in order to run ...
    2 By vin2164382 Databases
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    How to connect a website from VPS 1 to Database on VPS 2

    I want to ask that is there any way I can connect 1 VPS containing my website to another VPS running the database or not? Anyone who has a specific tutorial to design it on MariaDB please help me, I appreciate it.
    1 By vin2164382 Databases CentOS