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    How to move entire bucket from S3 to DigitalOcean Spaces?

    Hi, we have a bucket on s3 with a lot of files ( 2 TB ). We want to migrate to DigitalOcean Spaces and need to copy all the files. Can you suggest us how to do it ? Thanks, Vlado
    3 By vladislavradev Object Storage
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    Debian/Nginx/PHP-FPM Sessions in Memcached

    i found the problem: Additional .ini files parsed : /etc/php5/fpm/conf.d/000-session-store-default.ini and the config was in…
    By vladislavradev
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    Debian/Nginx/PHP-FPM Sessions in Memcached

    Hi, i want to save the sessions in memcached on my debian server / nginx. I have updated our php.ini file /etc/php5/fpm/php.ini session.save_handler = memcached; session.save_path = "tcp://
    2 By vladislavradev