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    Nginx + PHP5-FPM error 110: Connection timed out

    I have been getting this error and cannot figure out why. Here is the exact error: 2016/06/13 19:49:55 [error] 1623#0: *977708 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstrea...
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    Nginx Error 111: Connection refused

    I recently switched from Apache2 to Nginx for my web server because Apache was giving me some very weird issues that no one could seem to solve. I used this guide here (
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    MySQL and Apache2 running together crashes MySQL

    Well, to anyone coming here that has the same problem, I was unfortunately unable to solve it. I have now moved from Apache to Ngin…
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    MySQL and Apache2 running together crashes MySQL

    So this is a very odd issue that I can not seem to find an answer to anywhere else, but is causing me a huge problem. So I am working on a website for a friend and I set him up with a digital ocean droplet running Wor...
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