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    Mattermost + SendGrid = What am I doing Wrong?

    After what feels like decades trying to get postfix to work on Mattermost install, I've given up and decided to try SendGrid as an SMTP email provider. When I set the connection security to STARTLS I get the followi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, I believe that you need to specify the Notification from address and the Notification Reply to address in the Site Configuration\Notifications sectioin. The address needs to match the SendGrid domain name th...
    1 By watrall Email Ubuntu 18.04
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    Let's Encrypt Rate Limit & Mattermost Install - help?

    relative newbie here. I'm setting up a mattermost chat server for my lab. I'm using the 1 click install. Because I'm learning by doing, I'm doing a lot of screwing something up, destroying the droplet, and starting ...
    1 By watrall Let's Encrypt
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    Domain Management and Redirect

    The problem is that the digital ocean networking tools only lets you set up a CNAME that redirects from a DO managed domain to a su…
    By watrall
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    Domain Management and Redirect

    Greetings all. I have a domain for my research lab which I'll be hanging a few things off of as subdomains (mattermost, wiki.js, etc). However, I need the apex domain to redirect to the institutional doamain for th...
    1 By watrall DNS Networking