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    My k8s cluster seems to die every few days

    Nothing seems to trigger it - i have a cluster of 4 x 8GB - so i don't think it's the resources. But every now and then the dash reports a 503 and my services become unresponsive. I have to recycle the nodes before an...
    1 By wayne3e999fb67b1e711295195 Kubernetes Arch Linux
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    configuring ssl and protocols in loadbalancer from kubernetes

    I am trying to get my load balancer configured from kubernetes I have been told that the way to do this is by using annotations I am using helm to install my load balancer and nginx ingress: stable/nginx-ingress The...
    1 By wayne3e999fb67b1e711295195 Kubernetes Load Balancing
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    Trying to get a basic setup working

    I am trying to get a fairly basic set up working wiht K8s: simple UI host that serves up some HTML NGinx in front of it that proxies to the simple UI host when a certain domain is hit The result being that when I navi...
    1 By wayne3e999fb67b1e711295195 Kubernetes