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    Account Suspended for None Payment

    Ok, I am a little confused here about my account. I have not paid the balance yet until I get some answers. I created a droplet with wordpress already installed. I cant remember if I chose the $5 or $10 however, 23 d...
    1 By webydevyguy Getting Started
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    Cannot secure my MySQL

    Hey Everyone, I really do apologise if this has already been asked. I am however a complete noob and cannot seem to solve this. I am following this tutorial:
    2 By webydevyguy MySQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    What Should I do now?

    Ok Ya'll Ive done it. I have made the switch over to Cloud Hosting. Sh*t Scary I can tell you that. Disclaimer: I am an absolute noob here and I hope that you can simplify things for me and use layman terms. So, I c...
    3 By webydevyguy Getting Started WordPress MySQL
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    Build own CPanel

    Ok, so this might sound like a stupid question and sorry if it has been asked before but is it possible to build my own CPanel? DO provide API access for their services, which I could build a nice and Simple GUI for ...
    6 By webydevyguy Getting Started Ubuntu 16.04
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    Initial setup and advice needed.

    Hi everyone I am new to this community as well as DO. Hello all :) ** Disclaimer: Total Noob at this. * I decided to go with my own server as my current (shared) managed server providers were terrible at support, kep...
    2 By webydevyguy Apache Security Getting Started Ubuntu 16.04