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    Require more details regarding Managed MySQL services

    How is read scaling performed? For example if an existing architecture utilizes one master and two slaves for reads, how does this translate into an equivalent digital ocean managed mysql package? Where are backup dat...
    2 By whitwhoa DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database
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    Multiple subdomains for spaces cdn

    Is it possible to point multiple subdomains to a single storage/cdn instance? Or should each subdomain point to it's own instance?
    1 By whitwhoa DigitalOcean CDN Storage
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    Should droplet/host names be unique across all of DO?

    For example, I have created a droplet with a name/hostname of app001. Does this mean that app001 references my droplet ip across all of the digitalocean intranet, or are these hostnames self contained to specific proj...
    1 By whitwhoa DigitalOcean DNS
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    Redis/MySql Notification Once Available

    I know the expected release date of managed Redis/MySql is Q3 of this year, but is there a mailing list or some way we can be notified as soon as these are available? We are currently outlining architecture for an app...
    1 By whitwhoa DigitalOcean MySQL Redis