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    Postfix can't send email to the same domain name email address as the droplet

    I have been researching for 3days but haven't find the solution for this email issue. I use Postfix to send out email on my droplet which is working fine for all email addresses but not for the email address that I a...
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    Using SFTP(FileZilla) with new user gets permission denied error

    I have LEMP stack setup on Ubuntu and installed WordPress. I followed tutorial to create new user beside root and been using for setting up the server. Now I'm trying to upload some files through SFTP using FileZilla ...
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    Limit for PHP mail function?

    I have WordPress set up on LEMP stack on $10 droplet. 1GB Memory 1 CoreProcessor 30GBSSD Disk 2TBTransfer My WordPress site is multi user based and it sends out verification email with PHP mail() every time new user s...
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    It takes too long to get 404 errors on WordPress on LEMP stack

    Hi, I'm new to DigitalOcean. Just set up WordPress on LEMP stack and noticed some page load speed issue on my site. In inspector shows that it takes 4 to over 5 seconds to give 404 errors for all the images on the pag...
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    LEMP + WordPress site loading too slow.

    Hi, I'm new to DigitalOcean and currently set up WordPress site on LEMP on 1GB Ram 30GB SSD Disk New York 3 Ubuntu 14.04.3 x64 I have over 400MB of data in MySql and notice my site is loading very slow. I have tes...
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