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    Strange incoming behaviour on port 80

    I have installed my 5th droplet yesterday. I used Django on Nginx and Gunicorn (as usual). I also set up ufw according to DO tutorial. As long as my site was up, I noticed strange incoming behaviour at port 80. This ...
    1 By xpanta Nginx Firewall Ubuntu 16.04
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    GoDaddy's mail forwarding does not work. Maybe someone here may help.

    @Aprexer , Thanks for your answer. Is there an easy/straightforward way to transfer those domains to another registrar? I have purc…
    By xpanta
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    GoDaddy's mail forwarding does not work. Maybe someone here may help.

    Hi, I have set up (using DO's DNS management) two of my domains (purchased from GoDaddy) to forward all email to GoDaddy and from there to my personal Gmail account. I have added these MX records (according to GoDadd...
    2 By xpanta Email Ubuntu 16.04
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    gunicorn gives me "invalid argument" error and cannot be reloaded.

    On my droplet I have installed and configured a django website successfully. My client asked me to re-do the project (it was a very old project). So I created another django website on this droplet for testing purpose...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @xpanta There cannot be multiple [Service] sections in one project (there are special cases, where it's allowed). You need different projects, since they need in their own environment and have access to their own ...
    3 By xpanta Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Why my site which uses "Let's Encrypt" is marked as "not safe" by Chrome?

    Hi, I have successfully installed Let's Encrypt and Firefox marks my website as safe (green padlock). But Chrome marks my site as not safe. Why is that? Did I do something wrong? I followed this guide [1] to the end. ...
    3 By xpanta Let's Encrypt Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Redirecting to another droplet from a secure droplet through subdomains

    Hi, I have successfully created a droplet with Ubuntu 16.04 running my secure django app through Letsencypt. My droplet serves "" and "" and I can see the green lock on my firefox when pointi...
    Accepted Answer: @xpanta I think you are misunderstanding me. Your DNS A-records should look like this: @ -> droplet_ip_1 www -> droplet_ip_1 sub1 -> droplet_ip_2 sub2 -> droplet_ip_3 Then you can use Let's Encrypt to encrypt e...
    2 By xpanta Nginx DNS Django Ubuntu 16.04
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    Postgresql replication: How to convert the old master to the new slave

    Hi, I followed this tutorial ( to create a replication scheme bet...
    0 By xpanta PostgreSQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to switch from read-only slave to read-write after Postgres Master Failure?

    Hi, I was wondering how easy is to convert the read-only slave to read-write while the Master is down. There is a tutorial here (
    2 By xpanta PostgreSQL Ubuntu 16.04