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    Setting up a database server on another droplet in VPC

    Hi. I am currently running database and web server on single droplet, but because of site traffic increase, I am planning to put database on separate droplet with enough RAM, but there are some questions: 1) I want my...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @xrjMaker, It's totally possible what you are aiming for and I believe if the traffic to your application is huge that it's a step in the right direction! Let's start with your questions. Private Networking is a re...
    1 By xrjMaker Scaling Networking Databases
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    Add droplet to VPC without downtime?

    Hi. With new VPC feature, can I add existing and running droplet to VPC network without shutting it down (and taking snapshot)? Probably via some manual commands? Thanks in advance.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @xrjMaker You can't migrate Droplets between VPC networks directly, but you can recreate a Droplet using a snapshot. Snapshots are on-demand images of Droplets. You can create new Droplets based on snapshots t...
    1 By xrjMaker Networking
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    Moving database (Mongo) to separate droplet.

    Hi. I have a single Ubuntu droplet with Nodejs, nginx and mongodb running. I would like to move mongodb to seperate droplet to split the load. Please, give some advice regarding next questions: To allow app server con...
    0 By xrjMaker Scaling MongoDB Node.js
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    Horizontal scaling with MongoDB and Nodejs

    Hello, I have a web application running on a single droplet, powered by Node.js + MongoDB + nginx on the same machine. Application traffic is increasing and I would like to scale my servers, so it will have 3 servers,...
    2 By xrjMaker Node.js MongoDB Nginx Load Balancing Ubuntu 18.04