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    How to install Let's Encrypt to my droplet with dockerized spring boot app?

    I follow the instructions but having problems. Let me tell you about my process. I just created a new droplet (Docker 5:19.03.1~3 o…
    By yonetmen
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    How to install Let's Encrypt to my droplet with dockerized spring boot app?

    Hello everybody, I created a droplet (Docker 5:19.03.1~3 on 18.04). I pulled my docker image from docker hub and run it. My docker image contains a Spring boot application. (tomcat embedded). It's working nice but I w...
    2 By yonetmen Let's Encrypt Docker Ubuntu 18.04
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    Ip address without port not working

    I run a docker container for my application. This is the command I used to get it worked: docker run --name spring-boot -p 8080:8080 --link my-mysql-db:mysql -d username/image-name:latest My application is up and ru...
    Accepted Answer: Because port 80 is the port used for HTTP. You can change it or use a webserver and proxy the requests.
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    Why my docker container destroy itself?

    This is the 3th time I am having this issue and digitalocean support is not quite helping. They are really, really slow. Anyway... I have a 1GB droplet with 2 docker containers. One for Spring-boot 1.3.8 application a...
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    Using MySQL with Spring boot docker image

    I have this problem that I can't really find a solution. It can be a silly question for most of you but I hope someone offers a little help to this newbie :) I have 1GB droplet and I installed mysql using this page (h...
    1 By yonetmen MySQL Docker Java Ubuntu