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    How to transfer website from hostgator to Digital ocean?

    How can i transfer my website from hostgator to Digital Ocean any solution and easy solution i want.. mail me the whole process how to transfer and tell me also downtime of my website
    1 By yourgolu96co Sinatra Networking Ubuntu 16.04 Debian
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    How Many domain Can we Add in $5 plan

    One Site i have added Authentic Drop ( and i want to add my two domain in it e.g birthday messages ( and fr...
    1 By yourgolu96co DigitalOcean Control Panels MySQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Choosed $5 Plan But No Detuction from account

    yesterday i make site from DO Authority Drop ( Birthday Wishes ( I use coupon and i get $50 in my account but after i install wordpress and use DO there is no...
    1 By yourgolu96co API Ansible FAQ CentOS