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    continuous deployment django database

    Using the App platform for a Wagtail(django) project, I struggle to continuously deploy my database. My project's code is updated upon deployment. I can then enter the data from my server. Yet, the DB component isn'...
    1 By yrfriedman Django Deployment PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
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    collectstatic during deployment generates an error message.

    I try to deploy a wagtail dev project to digitalocean. Once I run the on the server the command: python collectstatic --settings=mysite.settings.production I get the following error message: ALLOWEDHOSTS = ...
    1 By yrfriedman Django Deployment
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    login to Ginhub

    Trying to deploy a django I constantly failed to authenticate my Github account. I face two different issues: How to automate the Github authentication? Which password should I use? I run: ssh keygen add add...
    1 By yrfriedman Git Deployment Django
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    doctl auth init generates invalid token

    Solved it by running: doctl auth init --access-token <api-token-code>
    By yrfriedman
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    doctl auth init generates invalid token

    Working with windows X and PowerShell, I tried to run: doctl auth init and got error invalid token...Unable to authenticate you I previously managed to make it and created dorplet. I suspect, it the system keeps my ...
    1 By yrfriedman API DigitalOcean Droplets
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    Deploy with wagtail

    New to DO, I try to deploy a dev app with Wagtail(django) and Docker-Compose. I work on windows 10. Also, I can run DOCTL commands from PowerShell. Mainly I struggle to find a workflow to link my application to DO. ...
    1 By yrfriedman Django Docker Deployment