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    Anyone hosting a HumHub site here

    Is anyone hosting a HumHub site on Digital Ocean? If so, what are its memory and cpu requirements like for a small system?
    Accepted Answer: Hi @YurkshireLad, This really depends on the traffic you are gonna get. The minimum requirements are really easy to cover, it's something like: RAM : * 64 MB Disk space : * 500 MB for the applications * 100 MB for t...
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    If I use one-click to create an application, like the Open Source Social Network, do I have to manually install/configure a database first?

    Is a databae automatically installed and configured as part of the one-click install? Or is this a manual process? I assume the database can also run inside the droplet?
    Accepted Answer: Hi there! Many 1-Click Apps have databases installed, although there are some cases where you'll need to input a few things after you create that 1-Click App to complete the configuration of the database. Marketplace...
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