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    Setup domains with blogging platform by modifying CNAME not working

    I am trying to setup my domain with the blogging platform. I have setup the nameservers to digitalocean fine and now I just need to do the following to setup hashnode on my domain Head over to ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @zabs, Do you want to point your domain to your Hashnode blog directly or do you want to have a subdomain name like pointing to Hashnode instead? If you want to have your root domai...
    1 By zabs DNS
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    Does DigitalOcean support CNAME flattening?

    I need to setup CNAME flattening on my domain - is this something that Digital Ocean support?
    Accepted Answer: Hello @zabs DigitalOcean doesn't support CNAME flattening at this time. Best, Dikshith
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    Cannot resolve non-www domain however www-domain works perfectly fine

    I have a digitalocean droplet setup with the LAMP droplet and have set this up to the URL - it loads fine if I include the 'www' in the URL but if I remove the 'www' it never loads. Here is my virtual h...
    1 By zabs DNS Apache Initial Server Setup Getting Started