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    How do I troubleshoot failed app platform deploys?

    I am having an app platform deploy failure that is resulting in repeated rollbacks, but all of the visible logs show my application starting normally. Is there any way to troubleshoot mysterious app deploy failures? I...
    2 By zackEel DigitalOcean App Platform Deployment
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    Docker environment slug?

    The solution was to specify dockerfile_path = Dockerfile. I still don’t know the meaning of enviroment slug, but this solved …
    By zackEel
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    Docker environment slug?

    What are enviroment slugs, are they listed anywhere? The Terraform provider for DigitalOcean apps specifies an "enviroment_slug" and I cannot find any documentation that lists the available options. The only example i...
    1 By zackEel Docker DigitalOcean App Platform