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    How to cancel permanent RedirectMatch ?

    Context: Debian Apache 2 I have made a permanent redirection in sites-available I should have made a temporary one. Removing this redirect from the configuration file maintains the redirectio...
    1 By ZajaczkowskiMathias Apache
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    How to activate ufw for Apache ?

    Hi KDSys, Thanks a lot for your help. Your guess about the place where I put the rule is right! My ufw status says: Status: a…
    By ZajaczkowskiMathias
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    How to activate ufw for Apache ?

    I followed your tutorial to install Apache/Tomcat 8.5 on Debian. Then I followed your advice to install ufw. However Apache does not show in "ufw app list" and it does not seem to filter IP addresses I added with "uf...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @ZajaczkowskiMathias, I'll most probably guess you have put the rule at the bottom. The order of the firewall rules is important. Since you have allowed port 80 for all( I would only assume) at the beginning, this ...
    2 By ZajaczkowskiMathias Apache