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    Ticket Digital Ocean 9 Days Without Response!!

    My server port 587, 465, 25 were blocked by DO. I cannot send outgoing emails. Need to get the block lifted. After I provide related info to support, they seem to ignore me. 9 days without a response. Very frustrating...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, I'm really sorry about that wait time. Our Trust & Safety team handles these particular requests, and they are a bit short handed right now. Help is on the way, we're on the path to resolving that as we spe...
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    Port 465, 587, 25 on my droplet is blocked, cannot send email to my custumer, please help me!

    Hi iamzum, I am facing the same problem as port 587 is blocked by DO so my web app cannot send outgoing emails. I opened a ticke…
    By zechen2