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    Does Load blance vps shoul be more powerful?

    I need to create a load balanced system. My question is about how powerful should be the vps with the load balance. I'd like to create a LB with two app server. Should LB be 8gb ram and 4cpu if my app server are 4gb r...
    1 By zerouno Load Balancing
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    Using space to serve images

    Thank you both. The site will have many images per page so I think that the CDN will be a must have in this case. My only fear …
    By zerouno
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    Using space to serve images

    Hi, I'm planning to launch a new site and my idea is to use a load balancer and different servers. My "problem" is to understand if Space could be the best choice to store all the image so each application server can ...
    2 By zerouno Object Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to list files in Spaces

    Hi, I have set up a Spaces and I can add files to it using laravel and S3 API package. Now I need to list my file to check if the modified date is 1 month old and then delete that file. I have tried to list object but...
    1 By zerouno API Ubuntu 16.04