Announcing DigitalOcean Graphs!

Posted 2013-08-05  in Product Updates,News

We are now offering users an inside view of their droplets by displaying the CPU usage, Disk I/O, and network transfer of each server within the control panel.

This was one of the most up-voted features on our uservoice page, with over 1,200 votes, and we are happy to have fulfilled that user request!

The statistics display in realtime, but users have the option of viewing it over the course of 1 day (in 5 minute intervals), 1 week (half hour intervals), 1 month (2 hour intervals), or 1 year (day long intervals). Mousing over the graph provides the exact numbers associated with that moment.

The stats are visible within the graphs section of the control panel and were written in d3.js. Because they are taken at the hypervisor level, users do not need to install any additional plugins to get to their droplets to display the information.