Posted 2016-02-21 in news
DO is coming to india
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By DigitalOcean

Tomorrow morning, India Standard Time, our COO Karl will announce our newest data center region at SURGE conference in Bangalore, India's central tech hub and the place where we plan to power up our next facility this summer.

Developers throughout India and the neighboring regions have been with us since the very beginning of DigitalOcean and as early as June 2013 have been urging us to come to India. We are proud to already have amazing Indian startups like KartRocket,, and Flipkart among our customers today. For two years in a row, we have sponsored GopherConIndia and have had the pleasure to meet Indian developers there.


Look at what we spotted at GopherConIndia just last week – a Hacktoberfest 2015 T-shirt! And it wasn't the only one.

We are inspired by the entrepreneurial energy and the incredible pace of innovation here. The number of software developers throughout India will grow to over 5 million by the year 2018. Last year there were thousands of startups throughout India, and the number is projected to triple by 2020!

By opening a new data center in the region, we're hoping to further facilitate innovation and collaboration for developer teams. The data center will be equipped with our most up-to-date hardware and network architecture, and it will be among the first to have access to our newest products coming out this year.

We are truly excited to be coming to India, and look forward to hearing feedback on how we can best serve the community. If you are at SURGE, make sure to drop by our developers' lounge. If not, reach out to us in the comments or on Twitter any time. And remember to subscribe to the request on UserVoice in order to get updated when the data center launches!

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