Posted 2013-01-22 in news
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By DigitalOcean

We are excited to announce that our API now supports SSH Keys for virtual server creates. This allows customers to spin-up new servers through the API with a single or multiple SSH keys already added to the root user. When using SSH keys, we also do not email out the root password for added security as we default to SSH keys for authorization.

To get a list of your available SSH keys simply:[YOUR_CLIENT_ID]&api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY]

This will give you JSON output of all of your current keys that can be deployed during creates:

{ "status":"OK",  "ssh_keys":[{"id":10,"name":"office-imac"}, {"id":11,"name":"macbook-air"}]}

To use SSH keys in your create request, simply add the new paramater `ssh_key_ids` with a comma separated list of SSH Key IDs that you would like added to the new server that you will create:[DROPLET_NAME]&size_id=[SIZE_ID]&image_id=[IMAGE_ID]&region_id=[REGION_ID]&client_id=[YOUR_CLIENT_ID]&ssh_key_ids=[SSH_KEY_ID1],[SSH_KEY_ID2]
In this case, if you wanted to add both the office-imac and macbook-air keys, you would add the following to your create call: ssh_key_ids=10,11

It's just that simple to now integrate SSH Keys into your droplet creates via the API!

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