Block Storage Now Available in AMS3

Posted 2018-01-09  in Product Updates
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Today, we're excited to share that Block Storage is available to Droplets in the AMS3 datacenter. With Block Storage, you can scale your storage independently of your compute and have more control over how you grow your infrastructure, enabling you to build and scale larger applications more easily. Block Storage has been a key part of our overall focus on strengthening the foundation of our platform to increase performance and enable our customers to scale.

We've seen incredible engagement since our launch in July 2016. Users have created Block Storage volumes in SFO2, NYC1, NYC3, FRA1, SGP1, TOR1, BLR1, and LON1 to scale databases, take backups, store media, and much more. AMS3 is our ninth datacenter with Block Storage.

Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback and used Block Storage so far. Please keep it coming. You can create your first Block Storage volume in AMS3 today!

— DigitalOcean Storage Team