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Core OS
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By DigitalOcean

It's finally here – we're very pleased to announce that developers can begin using CoreOS on DigitalOcean.

There's been a lot of community excitement for CoreOS. This integration with the alpha channel version on DO provides an easy and quick way for web and mobile developers interested in working with Docker to deploy applications and experiment with containers. On CoreOS, Docker containers can boot in milliseconds, providing unprecedented flexibility in managing load across a cluster of Droplets. Some additional features include automatic updates, automatic network configuration, and integration with etcd technology.

Through CoreOS's etcd technology, users can deploy a cluster of servers configured to work with one another, ensuring the resiliency of their architecture. This feature greatly reduces the impact of a possible server failure, supporting high-traffic applications. And for those looking for commercial support, CoreOS Managed Linux is delivered as an OS as a Service. We hope developers using our infrastructure are as excited as we are about the possibilities now available through CoreOS on our platform.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter utilize similar strategies to allow for growth and resilient systems. "The easiest way to get started using containers, distributed systems and the next generation of infrastructure is now available to millions of developers on DigitalOcean," said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS. "Let the developer community go wild."

Click here to launch a CoreOS image. Click here for our series on getting started with CoreOS.

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