Posted 2013-07-29 in news
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By DigitalOcean

We are happy to announce the opening of our newest datacenter in New York City. The Telx data center facility located at 111 8th Avenue (NY2) is not only the third largest building in New York City, but is also New York's Google building. "Googleplex East" is among the world's most wired buildings and one of the two key Internet intersections in Manhattan. In addition to significantly increasing East Coast capacity, this new datacenter brings DigitalOcean even closer to rolling out private networking for our customers, which will premiere in NY2!

NY2 Droplets are available and ready to be deployed! To learn more about the 111 8th Avenue facility, watch the video below.

Due to our tremendous growth, we are investing heavily in our infrastructure and are continuing to add more capacity and new data centers throughout the world. Additionally, we have added a significant amount of server capacity in Europe (Amsterdam, NL). $5 per month, AMS1 512MB droplets, are, once again, available for deployment for all customers.

Keep checking back for data center updates and new locations :)

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