Easily Transfer Snapshots Between Accounts

Posted 2014-04-25  in Product Updates,News
user to user illustration

Important Note:

As of January 2018, a newer version of this tutorial has been published on our Community site called "Transferring a DigitalOcean Snapshot to a Different User or Team". Please refer to the linked tutorial for the most up-to-date instructions on transferring DigitalOcean snapshots.


Under the images tab in the control panel, users can now send their snapshots to another DigitalOcean customer with a click of the mouse. Simply select the 'transfer snapshot' icon and enter the email address of the recipient. Upon clicking the transfer button, the sender will notice the icon turn blue, indicating that the snapshot is mid-transfer. When the user on the receiving end accepts, the sender will no longer have access to the image.

As the receiver, you will have a new section on the `Images` page titled Pending Snapshot Transfer Requests. Here you'll be able to accept or decline the transfer request. If approved, the snapshot will disappear from the original user's account, as well as be added to your list of `Snapshots` where you'll have full control over the image.

This is one of many exciting rollouts to celebrate the coming of Spring :)

Just a heads up: as transferring a snapshot maintains all of the original snapshot's settings, there may be configuration that allows the sender to potentially later access droplets created from the image. Make sure you trust anyone who gives you an image.