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By DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean customers can now spin up a Droplet to host their personal git repositories in under a minute with the 1-click Gitlab image. GitLab is an open source project built on Ruby on Rails that allows users to push and store code on their own servers, making their repositories private — accessible only by contributors rather than available to the public. DigitalOcean worked with Sytse Sijbrandij (@sytses) the cofounder of GitLab, to create the GitLab image.

You can try out the DigitalOcean 1-click GitLab image by choosing that option from the Applications tab on the droplet create page. Once the server has been deployed, our Community's GitLab Tutorial will cover the remaining steps needed to get your own git management application online.

Use promo code GIT10 for two months free on DigitalOcean

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