Posted 2014-02-06 in product-updates
region targeting
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By DigitalOcean

Transferring Snapshots between regions just got a whole lot simpler.

Previously when users initiated an image transfer, snapshots were distributed to every datacenter regardless of which region was the desired destination. If you transferred to one of them, you transferred to all of them. This had the unintended consequence of longer wait times, partially influenced by factors such as the size of your Droplet and the speed of the transatlantic transfer to Amsterdam.

Now that we have multiple datacenters and are continuing to build out infrastructure globally, the DO engineering team has updated the code to allow for point-to-point snapshot transfers. This is more efficient and will save users hours of time: images can now transfer out of all datacenters and be targeted to specified regions, allowing for quick and easy migration.

Happy Coding!

The DigitalOcean Team

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