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Last year, DigitalOcean launched Managed MongoDB to give developers the ability to focus more on building apps while spending less time managing databases. Today, we’re excited to announce dedicated vCPU is available for Managed MongoDB! All DigitalOcean Managed Databases from Redis, MySQL, to PostgreSQL—and now MongoDB —can run on Dedicated Droplets (VMs) to guarantee business performance and peace of mind. You can closely tailor Managed MongoDB to your demanding business needs by taking advantage of DigitalOcean's simple pricing.

Dedicated Droplets: access the full hyper thread

Dedicated Droplets are virtual machines with dedicated vCPU. These Droplets guarantee access to the full hyper thread at all times. While Basic Droplets that share vCPUs provide fast performance, they are most suitable for business use cases that can tolerate possible variable performance from sharing vCPU. With access to Dedicated Droplets, developers can choose between two high-performing options: General Purpose MongoDB and Storage Optimized MongoDB.

General Purpose MongoDB: dedicated power

Managed MongoDB on General Purpose Droplets has a balanced ratio of memory to dedicated vCPU at a 4:1 memory to vCPU ratio – optimal for a wide variety of production workloads. 

General Purpose Droplets is a good choice if you’re not sure which type is best for you, but you know you need dedicated computing power, such as:

  • Progressive Web Applications or PWAs 
  • E-commerce sites
  • Serverless pairing
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Storage Optimized MongoDB: low latency and a high number of IOPS

Like with General Purpose Droplets, in Storage Optimized MongoDB, your dedicated hardware threads have more predictable CPU performance. Storage Optimized Droplets’ fast local storage helps achieve low latency and a high number of IOPS (input/output operations per second) with their guaranteed NVMe (non-volatile memory express). Storage Optimized also gives you the option of choosing up to 7TB of local storage.

Fast storage is needed for capturing large amounts of data and is ideal for a high number of transactions with low latency, like:

  • Large, high-performance MongoDB
  • Monitoring and analytics 
  • Other kinds of data warehouses

Build a Modern App with DigitalOcean MongoDB 

Watch this Tech Talk with Ado Kukic, Director of Developer Advocacy, to learn more about the new Droplet options for MongoDB.Viewers also are able to follow along as Ado live codes a Modern App with MongoDB.

Plans, Pricing, Availability

You can expect the same simple pricing that you are accustomed to with other DigitalOcean Databases. DigitalOcean MongoDB starts at $15 a month for a Basic, General Purpose begins at $115 a month, and Storage Optimized Droplets start at $240 a month. Get peace of mind and leave the database administration to DigitalOcean. The new MongoDB Dedicated Droplets are available in all existing DigitalOcean regions.

Droplet types supported by DigitalOcean Databases

DigitalOcean at MongoDB World

We're thrilled to connect with everyone at MongoDB World in June. Don’t miss Ado’s talk on Edge-First Applications on Tuesday, June 7 at 3:30 pm. Add the session to your agenda and learn how to pair Next.js, Vercel, and the MongoDB Atlas Data API to deploy and run code as close to your customers as possible—at the Edge.

There's more exciting news coming soon for DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB, so stay tuned to upcoming news!

Happy coding,

Andrew Dawson

Senior Product Manager, Managed Databases

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