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Introducing DigitalOcean Marketplace: Our Platform for Preconfigured 1-Click Apps and Tools

Posted: March 5, 20193 min read

This year, we’ve kept our focus on providing developers and teams with services that remove operational burden. We know you want to concentrate on what you’re building, to deploy quickly and seamlessly to the cloud, and to scale without hassle.

Today, I’m excited to announce a big step for our community: the launch of DigitalOcean Marketplace, a platform where developers can find preconfigured applications and solutions to get up and running even more quickly.

DigitalOcean Marketplace is designed with simplicity at its heart. We work closely with partners to deliver a truly seamless experience for users, creating the ability for developers to deploy fully tested app environments with the click of a button.

DigitalOcean Marketplace Makes Discovering & Integrating Apps Simple

Modern app development often requires a little help from third parties. An entire ecosystem of software tools – from application frameworks to blogs and business apps – has sprung up to support developers and businesses.

However, finding, installing, and maintaining compatible software can be overwhelming. Researching latest versions, configuring tools and libraries, and testing for compatibility are burdens that most developers and businesses would rather avoid.

DigitalOcean Marketplace removes the pain of “dependency hell” by bringing together our user community and a network of trusted partners whose apps and tools we have carefully vetted for seamless integration and deployment. Whether you need a forum platform or an analytics package, you can deploy any app or tool on Marketplace with literally one click.

Marketplace Partners Provide the Services You Need

We’re delighted to be launching with a handpicked set of 1-Click Apps built by technology partners who provide tools and services that have been in high demand from our developer community.


WordPress powers a third of the web, helping millions of teams from individual bloggers to some of the biggest brands in the world create rich websites and apps online. Whatever you want to create, sell, or share, the WordPress 1-Click is there to help do it quickly.


Grafana is a data visualization and monitoring tool that integrates with complex data from sources like Prometheus, InfluxDB, Graphite, and ElasticSearch. Grafana lets you create alerts, notifications, and ad hoc filters for your data while also making collaboration with your teammates easier through built-in sharing features.


With OpenFaaS® you can package anything as a serverless function - from Node.js to Golang to CSharp, even binaries like ffmpeg or ImageMagick. Try OpenFaaS and the world of functions in 60 seconds or less with this 1-Click setup.


The InfluxData Platform is the leading modern time series platform designed from the ground up for metrics and events. The open source TICK Stack 1-Click includes everything needed to quickly make beautiful dashboards, observe Kubernetes clusters, store syslog messages, and even monitor your smart home.


Hasura GraphQL Engine lets you make powerful queries with built-in filtering, pagination, pattern search, bulk insert, update, delete mutations, and subscriptions. This 1-Click setup also includes an empty Postgres database and automatic HTTPS from Let’s Encrypt using Caddy web server.

As you can see, we have focused on the tools most useful to innovators: founders, entrepreneurs, and early-stage business leaders. Over the next few months, we will be thoughtfully adding more 1-Click Apps and categories based on feedback from the DigitalOcean community, and we plan to integrate 1-Click Apps with DigitalOcean Kubernetes.

The Marketplace Ecosystem is Continually Expanding

Just like our community is growing by the day, so too is the list of Marketplace partners providing top-notch apps and services.

We’ve been delighted with the enthusiasm and caliber of our partners – they’ve been a delight to work with.

If you or your team has built something delightful, and you’d love to get it in front of a discerning developer community, then Marketplace is open for you. You’ll find everything you need to know about joining DigitalOcean Marketplace and unleashing your product to the world at our Marketplace Vendor page.

Dive in!

I can’t wait for you to try out Marketplace and hear your thoughts. We’ll be rolling out continuous improvements to this platform over the next few weeks, including ongoing upgrades to the Control Panel, API, and CLI, as well as supporting features such as Tags, Teams, and Projects. As always, we will be guided by your feedback and ideas – so I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Happy Coding,

Nick Wade

Head of Ecosystem & Marketplace


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