Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

Posted 2013-05-14  in Product Updates
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Two factor auth

DigitalOcean has just released Two-Factor Authentication!

Here's how two-factor authentication works: After you enter your email and password with two-factor authentication enabled, we will also require that you supply an additional one-time use token that is updated every 30 seconds automatically. We recommend using Google Authenticator, which is available for both iOS and Android devices as the preferred app for generating these tokens for your account. No internet connection is required for the tokens to be generated.

As part of the process, we will also require an SMS enabled phone number, which we will default use to unlock your account should you misplace your two-factor authentication app.

You can enable Two-Factor Authentication by navigating to the "Settings" page of your account!

This is just one of several steps that we will be introducing to enhance security of your DigitalOcean account. With two-factor authentication, we'll be adding additional functionality in the future (such as protecting specific events like destroys) for further security.