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March 2022 products and features

Ivan Tarin

Posted: April 7, 20224 min read

We’re excited to share the latest from DigitalOcean, from product updates, product recommendations, and webinars, to DigitalOcean in London and Break The Code 2—the game that took the tech industry by storm last year with a prize pool worth up to $30,000.

DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DOKS)

Tech Talk Rewind: Securing Your Kubernetes Ingress With Let’s Encrypt

Accompany Kim Schlesinger as she helps you secure your Kubernetes cluster and take it into production. In this Tech Talk, she guides developers through the installation and the configuration of the Kubernetes Ingress NGINX Controller. Then, she’ll explain how to connect it with cert-manager to generate TLS certificates using Let’s Encrypt.

New must-have Kubernetes 1-Click Applications

OSS Knative 1-Click App for easy deploys and eventing

Knative is one of our favorites because it’s so easy and versatile. It’s an open-source solution to build and deploy serverless apps using Kubernetes. It reduces the boilerplate needed for spinning up workloads so you can forget about creating deployments, services etc. There are two components installed, Knative Serving abstracts everything your app needs to run and Knative Eventing makes it easy to create event driven architecture. You can get so much control from Knative that you can direct traffic to each app.

Ambassador Ingress Controller for your microservices

Ambassador Edge Stack is an Ingress Controller and API Gateway built on Envoy Proxy. Ambassador Ingress Controller specializes in cloud native architecture so you can manage complex microservice architectures.

Manage Kubernetes Certs Natively

You may have heard of Cert-Manager, the de facto open-source certificate management tool made for Kubernetes. It performs all the required operations for obtaining, renewing, and using SSL/TLS certificates.

Data versioning and pipelines for MLOps with Pachyderm

Pachyderm lets your team operationalize the data tasks in their ML lifecycle to iterate on data more quickly and reliably. Pachyderm provides data-driven automation, petabyte scalability, and end-to-end reproducibility.

DigitalOcean Developer Solutions

Upcoming Tech Talk:  Live coding a chat app with Appwrite and ReactJS

Join Brandon Roberts from Appwrite and Chris Sev from DigitalOcean as they explain how to use Appwrite to build a real-time, multi-user chat application and rapidly spin up a persistent message storage backend to power it on DigitalOcean without Docker or complex installs. For event information and registration click here. If you can’t make it, you can always watch the recording after the event.

To get started now try our Appwrite 1-Click Application in the DigitalOcean Marketplace.

Use the doctl CLI to choose a datacenter for your registry

To bring your containers closer when creating a registry simply create a registry using the latest version of doctl v1.71.0 and pick a datacenter**.** To host your container registry pick from the following regions: NYC3, SFO3, AMS3, SGP1, and FRA1. One note, you cannot change a registry’s data center after creation.

You are welcome to create a free DigitalOcean Container Registry with up to 500MB in storage or choose a more advanced paid version if desired.

New and Noteworthy Marketplace 1-Click Applications

Send emails with confidence with SendGrid from Twilio

Reach your customers using the Sendgrid 1 Click Application with Email API and a Message Transfer Agent sending over 100B emails per month. Your teams can create email templates that send programmatically, analyze email performance, collaborate, and troubleshoot issues.

Safe workloads, IAM, and container security with Cloudanix

Use Cloudanix to stay safe as it protects your cloud workloads helping with compliance, IAM, or container workload security, in a single dashboard.

Combine blockchain and knowledge graphs with OriginTrail

OriginTrail is a Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG), hosted on the permissionless OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN), combining blockchain and knowledge graph technology.

DigitalOcean Managed Databases (DBaaS)

Tech Talk Rewind: Migrating Your Database to DigitalOcean With Minimal Downtime

A can’t miss webinar by Chris Sev and Darian Wilkin on several data migration patterns benefits and downsides. This is a talk for developers and cloud architects or anyone migrating their database. Plus, find out where the strangler pattern gets its creepy name!

Postgres14 is now available, upgrade free with no downtime

PostgreSQL is arguably the world’s most advanced open-source relational database and PostgreSQL 14 is packed with more than 200 enhancements. You can easily upgrade without any downtime with DIgitalOcean.

The following 31-second video shows the in-place major version upgrade in action using the UI.

If you prefer to use the CLI, you can always use the dev-friendly doctl CLI tool to create and configure your database. For more information see our blog.

Configure your Managed Database using the API

If you like scripting, automation, and DevOps, you can now configure your MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis Managed Databases by making a PATCH request to /v2/databases/{database_cluster_uuid}/config.

For example:

“config”: {


“sql_require_primary_key”: true



For more details, see the full reference documentation for the managed databases API.

DigitalOcean Droplets (IaaS)

CentOS Stream 9 now available

We are excited to announce that the CentOS Stream 9(centos-stream-9-x64) base image is now available in the control panel and via the API when creating a droplet(VM).

Useful connectivity and network troubleshooting tips

This troubleshooting guide can help you diagnose networking issues to resolve common issues we’ve all had with new VMs or droplets. The guide explains how to check components in a network chain to be able to ping your droplet from any device, to allow a droplet to reach the internet and how to persist network configuration, and more.

Break the Code is back!

Break The Code is back with a second edition on March 25th, 2022! The game that took the tech industry by storm last year.

Want to test yourself? Think you have what it takes? Want to go back to the ’90s?

We’ve partnered with .Tech for Break The Code 2, and they are giving away prizes worth up to $30,000 to the people who can crack the toughest ciphers. Inspired by the Windows 98 Operating System, it’ll guarantee you some brain-melting fun!

DigitalOcean in London

Check out how DigitalOcean inspired devs in London!

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