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Latest products and features at DigitalOcean: September 2020

Posted: September 29, 20203 min read

We made a few updates to Dedicated CPU and Standard Droplet plans in September. Here are the highlights:

  • Updates to Dedicated CPU Droplet plans: We are happy to announce that Dedicated CPU Droplet plans now offer more SSD size options. Each plan contains SSD size variants that you can choose upon creation, or when resizing a Dedicated CPU Droplet.

  • Changes to Standard Droplet plans: We have renamed Standard Droplet plans to Basic Droplet plans. Basic Droplets have shared CPU and are ideal for simple or bursty applications such as low-traffic web servers, blogs, discussion forums, CMS, small databases, dev/test servers, microservices, and repository hosting.

As part of this renaming process, we have added one new plan – s-8vcpu-16gb – and deprecated the following plans:

  • s-1vcpu-3gb
  • s-3vcpu-1gb
  • s-6vcpu-16gb
  • s-8vcpu-32gb
  • s-12vcpu-48gb
  • s-16vcpu-64gb
  • s-20vcpu-96gb
  • s-24vcpu-128gb
  • s-32vcpu-192gb

Please note that the deprecated plans are now unavailable in the control panel, but you can still create Droplets with those plans using the API or doctl.

  • End of life for Fedora 30: Fedora 30 has reached its end of life. Per our image deprecation policy, you can only deploy the Fedora 30 image via the API. We will remove the Fedora 30 image from the platform on October 8, 2020.

  • Creation of new Spaces in SGP1 disabled until 2021: We temporarily disabled the creation of new Spaces in SGP1 starting at 3 p.m. UTC on September 25, 2020 while we update capacity in this region. Existing Spaces in SGP1 will be unaffected, and you can still create new Spaces in AMS3, NYC3, and SFO2.

  • Marketplace updates: We launched several new preconfigured 1-Click Apps in the DigitalOcean Marketplace to help you save time and remove the hassle of provisioning servers.
    Bagisto: Get the latest version of Bagisto, a free and open source Laravel e-commerce platform.

  • Ambassador Edge Stack: A Kubernetes-native API gateway built on Envoy Proxy that provides powerful capabilities for traffic management, authentication, and observability.

  • SearchBlox Enterprise Search: Deploy a search solution based on Elasticsearch faster with out-of-the-box functionality.

  • Curiosity: A powerful and modern search solution for teams and enterprises.

  • Erxes: An open source growth marketing platform that helps you attract and engage more customers while giving you high lead conversion.

  • RStudio + Stan: RStudio Server is the premier integrated development environment for R that allows you to move computation close to the data and scale compute and RAM centrally. This preconfigured image with the open source edition of RStudio Server 1.2 simplifies the use of R + Stan.

  • Vodia Phone System: The Vodia PBX is easier to run as a hosted PBX and is used by several hundred MSPs to provide reliable voice communication services to their customers.

  • OpenLiteSpeed Rails: Automatically install Linux, Ruby, Rails, rbenv, CertBot, and OpenLiteSpeed – the performance web server. OpenLiteSpeed features HTTP/3 support, and easy setup for SSL and RewriteRules.

You can also check out the release notes for other minor product updates in September, and read about updates from the previous month here.

We hope you’ll give some of the new updates and releases a try. If you have an idea for improving our products or want to vote on other user ideas so they get prioritized, please submit your feedback. And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here.

Until next month,

Happy coding!

Rafael Rosa,

Senior Product Manager


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